10 Designers to Watch

       Interior designers tell visual stories. They reveal their clients’ personalities through choosing, customizing, and placing objects. But not all of them get to tell the story of Dr. Seuss.
       “It was an experience no one else will ever have,” says California designer Lisa Slayman. “On this project, I had the opportunity to view and work with original artwork and treasures collected by one of America’s beloved master storytellers. Combining the history with new additions enabled me to create a warm, inviting, more interesting interior for Audrey Geisel (Dr. Seuss’s widow).”
       “By working closely with the client and being very conscious of her desire to maintain the spirit of her husband, I was able to create an elegant, warm, and inviting home while retaining the essence of what made it the Seuss house to begin with,” says Slayman. She doused the house with lively elements from the Seuss library that reflected her client’s “infectious enthusiasm for life.”
       In the dining room, a one-inch-thick glass table top rests on bases hand-carved to look like trees from Dr. Seuss’s books. “They were made by European craftsmen from solid block of wood and have mini lights integrated into them, which, when lit, created a dramatic backdrop for evening dining,” she says.
       But the most striking piece is in the master retreat, right off the master bedroom. “The desk was fabricated and the covered in leather to resemble stack of books. The titles are enlarged replicas of Mrs. Geisel’s three most loved Dr. Seuss books: Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, You’re Only Old Once!, and The Lorax. Once the desk was designed, it was if the space were created around it. The fit was perfect.”